Feminism Is About Equality

Unfortunately for feminists the world is beginning to notice that the feminist definition of equality differs from that of the dictionary. The controversial Tumbler #WomenAgainstFeminism demonstrates this perfectly. The site is a place that posts pictures of young women rejecting feminism because (insert a wide variety of reasons here). The feminist criticism of the site is a condescending condemnation of these women who “don’t understand feminism because feminism is about equality of the sexes.” They even refer to the dictionary definition as proof of their argument. The way I see it, the feminists are right. According to the dictionary, Feminism is all about equality. But that doesn’t mean that the young women do not understand feminism. What it means is that they understand it all too well.


Misogyny Hurts Men Too?

I have recently begun reading a blog called Inside Man which claims as its mission to “[pioneer] conversations about men and boys.” I have found that many of the articles posted there are quite though-provoking. Many of those articles are written by authors whose work I have seen elsewhere and whom I admire. But as with any site, I do not always find what they post to be agreeable. One such article is Misogyny is man’s worst friend and ending it is good for everyone written by Chris Flux from Men Against Violence which claims to be “a men’s campaign to end violence against women.” Flux’s arguments are based on false premises and assumptions, logical fallacies, and erroneous definitions which is why his conclusions are wrong and his suggestions will not achieve his goals.

The Right to Choose

The right to choose only applies to women. Men are permitted no such right. Despite claims that feminism is about equality, men can expect no help or support from feminists because it is really all about the women, fuck the men. If men are to achieve equal rights with women, men need to support the Men’s Human Rights Movement which is concerned not only with men’s rights, but also with human rights.