Who is The Damned Olde Man?

I am the one person uniquely qualified to shrink your head while expanding your waistline. I’m a chef. I’m a shrink. And this is my website. in is in constant flux. I have created pages that represent some of my interests; Food 4 thought (food & drink), Sisyphean Question (original poetry), Rave Reviews (product and movie reviews), Man Cave, (men’s issues), Shrink Rap (psychology, education, & philosophy), and TDOM Rants (blog entries). Some pages contain related blog entries, some do not.

Politically I’m issue oriented and not ideologically based. I am quite conservative on some issues and liberal on others. I advocate for men’s rights and believe that feminism is a hate movement that characterizes men in the most negative manner possible. I consider myself to be a free radical and a bit of a grouch with a mildly sarcastic bite. 

Don’t Tread On Me or
What the hell is a Free Radical anyways?

My conservative friends have frequently called me a “commie lib.” My liberal friends have frequently referred to me as a “fascist.” My religious friends call me a “pagan” and say I’ll be “damned to hell” for my skepticism while my atheist friends think I need to lose the religion. Needless to say I don’t quite fit into anyone’s neat little pigeon-hole and don’t subscribe to any particular political or social ideology. I refer to myself as a “free radical” with the full knowledge that free radicals are known to cause cancer.

About This Blog

This blog is about any damned thing I want it to be about. But mostly, it’s about the things I like: my favorite sports teams, food & drink, psychology, education, politics, and travel.  TDOM Rants is the Blog and heart of the site that contains random posts, comments, and discussion. Feel free to leave comments, but I reserve the right to delete them according to my whims. Most deletions will be for stuff I consider offensive or abusive, but you never know I might use just any old reason. Then again, I love controversy so I’ll probably leave them up.

I have an opinion on just about everything and I don’t mind sharing it. Oh yeah, I couldn’t care less whether you like it or not. If you don’t, then “Get off my Goddamned Lawn!” 

Site Navigation and Registration

The main navigation bar across the top is a list of the site’s pages and also contains a site map and privacy policy. The left sidebar is for on-site navigation. It lists my rants (blog posts) that have been the most popular over the last 30 days and since the blog’s inception. Catacombs are the archives of previous rants. Catagories allows a search of the rants by topic. There is also a search feature to search by key words.

Individual rants allow visitors to leave comments. You must register to leave a comment. I do this to reduce spam and flames. Your first comment must be approved before it will show up, but all subsequent comments will appear right away. Who knows, I might even dignify your words with a response.

On the right sidebar you will find links to other sites that I feature or visit regularly. Click on them to open another window and visit the site. Near the bottom of the page are RSS feeds for some featured blogs. These will change from time to time and they may or may not also have links on the right sidebar.

I hope this has either been damned helpful or damned confusing, though I don’t really care which.

– The Damned Olde Man (TDOM)