Is the NCAA Sub-Urban?

That team from up north certainly is

Ohio State Buckeyes 26    That team from up north 21

If OSU is Urban country, that team from up north is definitely sub-urban.

No matter who Notre Dame ends up playing in the National Championship Game in January, the game won’t be nearly as big as it could have been. That’s because the NCAA, in its infinite wisdom, always punishes those who don’t cheat in the place of those who do. A few years ago, it was USC being banished for the crimes of the departed Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll, amonst others. This year it is Ohio State and its new coach Urban Meyer, being punished for the crimes of several past players and former coach Jim Tressel. But this year, the NCAA’s unjust policy of leveling sanctions against future teams for the crimes of past teams is coming back to bite them right in the ass. Granted, Ohio State would have had to have won the Big Ten championship game to get to the BCS National Championship, but there’s no real reason to think it wouldn’t have. After all, the Buckeyes now stand as one of only two undefeated teams in college football and have already defeated Nebraska 63-38 earlier this season. While a Notre Dame vs. whoever National Championship will remain a big deal, a game between two historically great football programs that have enormous fan bases throughout the country would be a much bigger deal. Not to get to play against the other best team in the nation for the national title should be a let down for Notre Dame and its fans who will have to wonder whether or not they could have beaten the Buckeyes. It will also be a let down for those of us who would have preferred to watch the two best teams in the country fight for the National Championship. It should also be a let down for the NCAA who is throwing away a ton of potential viewers and probably a lot of advertising dollars.


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