Irish Court to Irish Boys “Your girlfriend can send you to jail”

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Just for Having Sex

The Irish Supreme Court has recently ruled that a law permitting teenage boys to be prosecuted for having underage sex while exempting teenage girls from prosecution for the same act is constitutional. The ruling stated that this is “because girls risk pregnancy and the law is entitled to place the burden of criminal sanction on those who bear the least adverse consequences.

Apparently the Irish Court fails to see that the risk to a boy of having to spend two decades as an indentured servant working to support a child he may not have wanted is not quite the same as getting pregnant. Having no choice other than to support his unwanted child is not as severe as having the choice to terminate the pregnancy. It is not as severe as having the choice to give the baby away to be adopted. It certainly isn’t as severe as having the choice of keeping the baby if the mother wants it. Having the choice of whether or not to risk nine months of pregnancy is far more risk than not having the choice of spending 18 years slaving away for someone else’s ability to choose.

Nevermind that this decision turns nearly every teenage boy inIreland into a sex criminal and nearly every teenage girl into a slut with the power to send him to jail. This decision means that it’s legal for a teenage girl to have sex with her teenage boyfriend, it’s crime for a teenage boy to have sex with her. Now imagine that once they’ve had sex a few times, she decides she doesn’t like him anymore. Pick up the phone… Call the cops… Away he goes.


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  1. I can’t say what I want without running afoul of proper manners. I can only conclude that Ireland hates its young men and it deserves what will be coming its way.

  2. What Clarence said. Also, I hope that judge was female or a boomer male, two groups whom I’d expect this sort of silliness to come from.

    Otherwise I’d have to conclude that said judge is an deliberate self-loathing enemy to his brothers.

    • I stand corrected on that point. You are right, from what I can tell, abortion is illegal in Ireland, except under extreme circumstances where there is a threat to the life of the mother. I also found some question as to its legality if the mother is a victim of rape or statuory rape, though it appear to be illegal in that circumstance. It also appears that it may be legal for her to leave the country for the purpose of having an abortion. However, this does not change the outcome of my argument. 18 years of involuntary servitude on the part of the boy should at least be considered the equivalent of 9 months of unwanted pregnancy. I believe the girl still has the option of giving the baby up for adoption should she not wish to be a mother. At any rate, any and all options belong to her therefore she can mitigate any long term risk should she choose. The boy has no such options.


  3. The foundation of all these problems are the age of consent laws. California is not much better. Except that the women also are criminals. Any sex act of an under 18 year old, any offspring born to any woman under 18 years and 8 months of age are felonies. Most of California should be jailed. /s

    See 55 posts on Teenage Sexuality

    • While I do believe there needs to be an age of consent, I will agree that most of these laws are written to be applied as stupidly as possible.


  4. ” I can only conclude that Ireland hates its young men and it deserves what will be coming its way.”

    Ireland has always hated her young men. She is “the mother who eats her children”. This time it isn’t sending them out in doomed uprisings though, it’s this new method.

    It’s an ill draft that blows no good though; Ireland is part of the EU and their version of a Supreme Court has overturned anti-male legislation before. It overturned a German law that denied unmarried fathers any rights to their children for instance.

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