Are Women “Entitled” to Good Men?

The New, Liberated Male

Ferdinand Bardamu at In Mala Fide has written an excellent response to Kay Hymowitz article “Where Have All the Good Men Gone?” in which she laments a perceived lack in the quality of men in their twenties. Others,  Captain Capitalism, Whiskey and Mike at Crime & Federalism have also written responses to her lament and as Ferdinand notes, I shouldn’t have to say any more. But I do want to say more. At least I want to respond to Ferdinand.

Back in the sixties, women decried that growing up to be nothing more than a housewife was no better than growing up to be some man’s slave. They wanted to be liberated. This took the form of shunning the role of housewife and mother, entering the workplace, and feeling free to sleep with whoever they choose, whenever they choose. Basically, they broke free of traditional gender roles and assumed new roles similar to those of men. Eventually, they forgave the housewife and concluded that if a woman wanted that role, then it was fine with them as long as they weren’t expected to fulfill it.

Many of these same women looked at men and suggested that “patriarchy hurts men too” and thought that men should free themselves from its bonds. What they really expected, however, was for men to choose the role of housewife while they became the family’s breadwinners. They didn’t expect men to simply shun the role of provider and protector and truly liberate themselves by putting off marriage and responsibility for as long as possible, perhaps even altogether. But that’s what happened and now Kay Hymowitz doesn’t like it.

Men used to expect that if they got educated and worked hard and showed that they were capable of providing for a family, that a young woman would find them attractive, marry them, and bear their children. Then, of course, they would live happily ever after. But this dream has been shattered and men are beginning to realize that attempting to live it is now a nightmare. Divorce, child custody, alimony, and child support are practically inevitable and make slaves of the men who attempt to live the old dream. Young men are waking up to this new reality and they are opting out. Women have told them they are irrelevant and now they are telling women the same and women like Kay Hymowitz don’t like it.

Kay seems to believe that women are entitled to a man who will support them in marriage and after divorce. Women are entitled to take a man’s children and demand that he hand over his paycheck until they’re grown. Women are entitled to men who are willing to go die for them. Women are also entitled to reject men entirely if they so choose. But men are entitled to none of it.

Instead, men should be happy to find a promiscuous slut who already has a couple of kids for him to support and who will live with him just long enough to produce a couple more before leaving him and claiming that she is now entitled to half his stuff and lifelong support payments under threat of allegations that he was abusive.

Sorry Kay, men don’t want the nightmare offered by the modern, liberated women. Men are finding that shucking to role of provider and protector is quite liberating. They don’t have to grow up as fast. They don’t have to work as hard. They can actually enjoy life. Not only that, but because young women have become such promiscuous sluts, men can “hook up” with as many or as few as they like and the kept woman and all the baggage that comes with her is just as irrelevant to the young man as a bicycle to a fish.



  1. Where have all the good men gone? Perhaps they went “down with the ship”

    When the feminist Oxygen channel was first starting, they had a billboard in the Chicago area that said: “Another reason it is good to be a woman, they got into the life boats first on the Titanic.

    In reality, they belittled all the scarice men made on that fateful day. On top of that, they have often claimed that the more wealth men were saved than women of any class. In reality, the most common factor for those who died was that they were MALE. More women in the lowest class were saved than the wealthist of men. It is also well known that many of the life boats were sent away half full and that if it were possible, every female on board could have been saved plus a few hundred MORE men than were saved BUT they were too busy keeping men OUT of the lifeboats and several of the half full boats would NOT pick up any men in the icy waters.

    Now for the part I want to bring out. The feminst are always saying they want EQUALITY! This is pure hogwash and we can see that by the deafing roar of SILENCE when even today, when there is an accident from the plane that landed in the Hudson, to the barge full of dinners that broke away in Ohio and floated down the river. Women were saved FIRST! In every case where women are seen first we never hear feminist screaming we want equality. IF they did, I contend that they would suggest the youngest be saved first and move on up regardless of gender.

    The feminist ONLY want equality when it is to THEIR advantage. They do NOT want it in matters of choice. They enjoying knowing that women and women ONLY can have choice. If a woman gets pregnant, she can “terminate” it (read murder it), or she can have it and make a man pay for the next 18 or more years with nothing to say in the matter and often this can be done to a man she knows is NOT the father. She can chose to deliver the baby and than give it up for adoption or turn the baby over to a save haven location and walk away from ALL her responsiblities no questions ask. Men have no such option and I do not hear the feminist screaming for any of these options.

    The demand for equality is a bunch of feminist hog wash that masks their true goal,: Power, control and superiority.

  2. Feminism promised liberation for men as well, and failed to deliver on that promise. Now harpies like Kay Hymowitz have the temerity to complain when men act as individuals and liberate themselves. Fuck Kay Hymowitz. I suppose somebody has to.

  3. Ugh. How is wanting men to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions so terrible? I didn’t agree with everything she said, but I don’t think you even listened. When did she say anything about men being required to support women? I think she was more concerned with men supporting and bettering themselves, not acting like over-grown teenagers.

    Furthermore, what’s with the promiscuous slut comments? So women can have sex with whomever they want, as men have been doing for ages, but that now makes them promiscuous, money-grubbing, manipulative sluts? Wow. Talk about hypocrisy.

    • “How is wanting men to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions so terrible? ”

      I’ll answer that by asking what’s wrong with wanting women to grow up to be good mothers and wives? You can’t criticize men for failing to meet the expectations of women if you don’t criticze women for failing to live up to the expectations of men. Too many young men have grown up seeing what their mothers have done to their fathers. They believe they’ll be treated the same. So they’re opting out.

      Hymowitz has her definition of what constitutes a “good man.” She complains that there aren’t many of those around anymore. Men used to have a definition of what constituted a “good woman.” There aren’t many of those around either. She seems to think that women deserve what women want from men. I’m only saying they don’t.

      I don’t have a problem with women who sleep around. If a woman wants to have sex with a different guy every night, so be it. She’s entitled to any guy who wants to bed her. But she shouldn’t expect me or any other guy to want to marry her. Nor should she criticize my lifestyle whatever that may be. There’s the hypocracy.


  4. Good lord, you know very little about feminism. Try reading about this specific issue, or actually talking with feminists for as little as a month, and you’ll find there premises to be based on statistically proven realities (the wage gap, violent crime reports) or sociological studies concerning gender and power. They refer to gender predominantly because they have largely moved onto including men like me in their groups. You’ve constructed some bizarre boogey (wo)man in you head.

    • You should actually try a little critical thinnking and read some of those studies. The wage gap exists only due to the career choices that women make. They tend to choose jobs in government or non-profits that tend to pay lesws but allow for more flexibility in work schedules. Men tend to gravitate towards private sector jobs with higher risk, longer hours, and higher compensation.

      Crime reports are not scientifically valid measures. They are biased in several ways. Take DV for instance. Police are trained to arrest the men in cases of DV. Primary aggressor laws define primary aggressors, not as the one who has been violent, but as the larger, stronger, and more likely to injure the other. Oddly, the party that answers the door when police arrive is also a factor, If it is the man, he is considered to be exercising his power and control over the woman. Many times when a man calls the police to report the violence, he is the one who is arrested. When laws are structured in such a way that the man is always the on to blame, police are trained to arrest the man, and no shelters or programs exist for male victims, then is it any wonder that crime statistics are skewed to favor the male=perpetrator paradigm? Try looking at the social science. It demonstrates that women commit equal or perhaps slightly more DV than men.


  5. Where did all the “good” men go????

    After years and years of being told, explicitly and implicitly, with a shit eating grin that we are not only not needed anymore but aren’t wanted either as children….well, we said fuck it and finally left…

    What is that???? Now you want us to stay and open doors for you and take care of you and be your emotional tampons and listen to you bitch about your gfs and work and so on…FUCK YOU western women.

    What these feminists don’t understand….great article by the way….is that there was a equation that made up civilization and society.

    Civilization is built and maintained by men and society by women.

    They didn’t realize that altering one side of the equation will always alter the other side.

    So, if men aren’t entitled to sex and love from women….then guess what women???

    YOU are not entitled to protection and provision from men.

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