Product Review: Windows 10

Those of you who live in caves, or on remote islands, or who own Macintosh computers may be unaware that Microsoft recently began rolling out free upgrades to Windows 10. Beware: just because its free doesn’t mean you won’t pay for it. When I woke up this morning I made some coffee and sat down at my desk I discovered the older of my two laptops was already busy downloading Windows 10. I had reserved my free upgrades several weeks ago and had been waiting patiently for my turn. Unfortunately…

Product Review: Seagate Central

I bought my first Seagate hard drive in 1989 and installed it on my first PC, which I built from scratch. It was a large drive for a personal computer; a whopping 40 MB. Since then I have purchased several more Seagate drives and a couple of Western Digital and Maxtor drives and a Toshiba laptop with a Toshiba drive. (Note: I think Seagate now makes Toshiba and Maxtor drives). I currently have Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba drives in the various computers in my home. All appear to be working perfectly. In addition, I have two Seagate network drives and a Seagate Expansion portable USB drive. All were fine until yesterday. That’s when my 3 TB Seagate Central failed. I tried every solution I could find online to no avail. Then I called Seagate support.


Verizon Must Mean Rude and Inconsiderate in Some Other Language

Verizon Must Mean Rude and Inconsiderate in Some Other Language
I am uploading this article using my rather undependable, unreliable Time Warner Cable internet connection despite the fact that Verizon installed their internet service in my home yesterday. You see, undependable, unreliable internet connection from Time Warner at least works some of the time. Verizon’s connection doesn’t work at all and even worse. They don’t give a flying fuck.