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Fuck ARCO!

Today, I was ripped off while attempting to purchase gas at an Arco AM/PM in Ontario Ca. Unlike most gas stations that have credit/debit card machines built directly into the pump, at Arco the machines are separate from the fuel pumps so when you insert your card, it asks you to enter the number of the pump you intend to use. Today, when I walked up to the machine and read the screen it instructed me to insert my card. I did. It asked me to accept a transaction fee of 35 cents. I did. Then it informed me that pump #7 was ready for use. However, I was at pump #5. At no time had the machine asked me to enter a pump number. I attempted to cancel the transaction, but to no avail.


Closing the Books

I’ve written a couple of articles outlining my recent difficulties with Best Buy. Had they been interested in keeping a loyal customer I’d still be one. But alas, they weren’t and I’m not. I’ve made my last purchase there. The only thing left to do is cancel the rewards account (to let them know they’ve lost a customer) and tell my Spam filter that their emails are spam.


A Tale of Two Companies

Three companies. Two demonstrate an excellent knowledge of customer service and put that knowledge into practice. Those companies (Toshiba and Extang) now have a happy and satisfied customer willing to continue to do business with them. One (Best Buy), might yet redeem itself, but has lost a customer in the meantime and possibly forever.