Cultivating Social Change

In Cultivating Social change Through Education, Anna Brix Thomsen suggests that if we really want a fairer, more equitable world, we must first overcome our cultural norms and values and adherence to our culture and then use the educational system to instill new values in our children. We can then change the very fabric of our society” to embody compassion, social justice and equality as core principles of a new culture” and achieve social justice and equality… Thomsen’s re-education solution won’t work. While it might be possible to teach a leopard to follow a vegetarian diet, the leopard is likely to suffer from malnutrition.


Getting Healthy: Orthorexia Nervosa

Part of getting healthy is eating healthy. Eating healthy does not have to become an obsession. Don’t make yourself sick trying to get healthy. Otherwise, what’s the point? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting healthy so I can enjoy my life so have moderation in all things, especially moderation.

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What Would Be Different If…?

Over the summer the NFL met with Ray Rice and his wife in an attempt to determine the facts of the domestic violence that occurred in that infamous elevator. According to the NFL, no one had viewed the video prior to the meeting and their decision to suspend Rice for two games. What occurred in that meeting is at least somewhat in dispute. The decision itself was also somewhat controversial when initially issued with many in the domestic violence industry criticizing the leniency of a two game suspension. The criticism grew into an uproar when the video finally surfaced and now Roger Goodell, the NFL, and the Baltimore Ravens have been thoroughly demonized as villains for their handling of the case. What I want to know is what would have been different if the NFL had suspended Rice for the season (or longer) in its initial decision?