Campus Diversity: Is it Necessary?

7 Myths About Campus Diversity was a headline that was destined to grab my attention. I just had to see what these myths were. Unfortunately, the article didn’t live up to its headline. It really isn’t worth reading and had very little to say about diversity – either showing why it is or isn’t a good thing. But a couple of the comments under the article did have something to say… Do college campuses need diversity? Yes. But the diversity they need is diversity of opinion. That is what creates an educational environment conducive to a well-rounded education.


Hillary Clinton’s White Male Voter Problem

S. V. Date at the National Journal writes about Hillary Clinton’s White Male Voter Problem. It’s not exactly news. White men don’t like Democrats very much these days. What is amusing, however, is that they really don’t get it. The Democrats could still win my vote. I’m firmly in the undecided camp and I lean more towards the left than the right. Unfortunately (for them), they just don’t seem to know how. Or maybe they just don’t care.


Manila Driving Lessons: Observations of a Passenger

Driving in Manila is different from driving anywhere else. They drive on the right side of the road, meaning the correct side for American drivers. But that’s where the similarities end. Nothing else works quite the same. For instance, those dotted white lines that separate the lanes, that’s not really what they do. I haven’t figured out their purpose, but I’ve narrowed it down to two choices.