Advantage Ford: 2014 F150 Platinum and C-Max Energi

Ok, it’s been quite a while since I did a product review for this site. It wasn’t intentional, just something that happened. It’s even been a longer while since I reviewed the Ford F150. The last one was the 2010 I bought four years ago. I was just coming off a three year lease of a ’07 F150 and I wanted another one. I’d been having my truck serviced at Advantage Ford and liked the service department, so I decided to buy from them.


Equality and Social Justice

Social justice is a concept that is often discussed in terms of equality. But what exactly is meant by equality and how is it measured? Political equality can be defined in terms of equal opportunity of which there are two kinds: substantive and formal. Substantive equality of opportunity is the cornerstone of left/liberal social justice and formal equality of opportunity is the cornerstone of right/conservative social justice. Social justice refers to the distribution of privilege (advantage vs. disadvantage) in any given society. Often this is tied to a redistribution of wealth and power. The difference between the political left and the political right is in how to achieve the proper distribution. The difference between the left and right view of social justice is the axis upon which privilege is measured.


Apparently I clicked the wrong button. My post “Equality and Social Justice” was supposed to be saved as a draft. It was not ready yet for posting as it is incomplete. It has been removed until I can finish it. Sorry. TDOM