Definition of Feminism

Feminnism is the deconstruction of reality into its various components, then focusing soley on those components that reflect negatively on men and positively on women to the ignorance of all else.


Best Buy or Worst Store Ever?

I have been a customer of Best Buy ever since I first heard of them back in the early 1990’s. I have purchased TV’s, home appliances, computers, car stereos, music, videos, you name it. I also use Geek Squad for servicing these products. I’m a loyal customer, but will go elsewhere if I see a better deal. But I don’t often find better deals… as of now, my relationship with Best Buy is on hold. I need a couple of items for my computer. I’m shopping elsewhere for them. I expect I’ll be shelling out $200-300. That’s money Best Buy won’t be getting as a result of this fiasco… I spend about 1K a year at Best Buy. Whether I ever spend another dime there is entirely up to them.


Advantage Ford: 2014 F150 Platinum and C-Max Energi

Ok, it’s been quite a while since I did a product review for this site. It wasn’t intentional, just something that happened. It’s even been a longer while since I reviewed the Ford F150. The last one was the 2010 I bought four years ago. I was just coming off a three year lease of a ’07 F150 and I wanted another one. I’d been having my truck serviced at Advantage Ford and liked the service department, so I decided to buy from them.