What Would Be Different If…?

Over the summer the NFL met with Ray Rice and his wife in an attempt to determine the facts of the domestic violence that occurred in that infamous elevator. According to the NFL, no one had viewed the video prior to the meeting and their decision to suspend Rice for two games. What occurred in that meeting is at least somewhat in dispute. The decision itself was also somewhat controversial when initially issued with many in the domestic violence industry criticizing the leniency of a two game suspension. The criticism grew into an uproar when the video finally surfaced and now Roger Goodell, the NFL, and the Baltimore Ravens have been thoroughly demonized as villains for their handling of the case. What I want to know is what would have been different if the NFL had suspended Rice for the season (or longer) in its initial decision?


Getting Healthy: Getting Started

There it is. Those are the three basic steps to get you started. 1.See your doctor. 2.Choose a healthy diet that is sustainable for life. 3.Start an exercise program tailored to your needs. Beyond that what it takes is commitment.

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Getting Healthy: The Bare Essentials

The reality is that there is only one way to lose weight: consume fewer calories than you burn. Another reality is that there is an almost infinite number of ways to do this. A third reality is that if permanent weight loss is the goal, a change in lifestyle is necessary. That change must include diet and exercise. It also requires commitment. There is an old joke that the best method for achieving this is the method that you will follow. For me, it is more than an old joke. It is my first law of weight loss. No matter what program you decide to use to achieve your goals, the only one that stands a chance of working is the one you will actually put into practice.

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