Going Offline

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for several months. This was not by design. I just don’t have time anymore. My WordPress hosting package is up for renewal and it looks like I will be letting it lapse. No since spending money for something I’m not using. This doesn’t mean I won’t be back. I may. I…

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If You Are a Man Do Not Approach a Child Under Any Circimstances

Police are appealing for witnesses after a girl was approached by a man at Mount Annan near Camden yesterday.

About 2:55pm yesterday (Thursday 3 September 2015) a 12-year-old girl was walking east along Main Street towards the intersection of Watermouth Drive on her way home from school.
As she walked further towards the intersection, a man allegedly approached the girl and asked for directions. The girl then walked east along Welling Drive, when she looked behind and noticed the man was no longer following her. She proceeded to walk south along Fitzpatrick Street when she was stopped by a woman who was concerned with the girl’s welfare.

Quotables v1.24: Susan Brownmiller, MRA

Could Susan Brownmiller be the newest MRA?

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