A Freudian Analysis of the Manosphere

I love Sigmund Freud. His theory of the human mind and its development is an absolute marvel. There is no human behavior it cannot explain. That said, his actual therapeutic techniques are quite lacking. So while it can provide a good theoretical understanding, it isn’t particularly useful when it comes to resolving psychological problems. Regardless, I find it fascinating to apply and considerable fun to play around with. So when I read this article by August Løvenskiolds, I was highly entertained. It is, therefore, all in good fun that I write this critique of August’s application of Freudian theory, attempt a few corrections, and make a few points of my own.

Do the Math

Let’s set aside for just a moment the fact that the mayor of Dallas thinks that domestic violence is only about men committing violence against women and instead focus on the fact that the good citizens of Dallas have elected a mayor who probably couldn’t pass a basic fourth grade math exam.Could it be a Texas-sized mistake?


I came across this post at Julian O’Dea, formerly known as David Collard. Rather than comment on it there, I decided to post my comment here. The post concerns two descriptions of mealtime procedures in two different households. Frankly I find both disgusting.