Manila Driving Lessons: Observations of a Passenger

Driving in Manila is different from driving anywhere else. They drive on the right side of the road, meaning the correct side for American drivers. But that’s where the similarities end. Nothing else works quite the same. For instance, those dotted white lines that separate the lanes, that’s not really what they do. I haven’t figured out their purpose, but I’ve narrowed it down to two choices.


Flying the Coop

Just to let everyone know I may not be posting for a few weeks. I’m heading to the Philippines from 6/22 – 7/10. We will be island hopping so I may or may not have an internet connection during that time. Manila, Cebu, Ozamiz, and hopefully a few points in between. Even if I do, there’s no guarantee I will post anything. See ya.  …

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Potentially Sentenced to Prison or Nominated for Sainthood?

I know the media is often wont to provide background on criminals, especially if they are serial killers or rapists. It is likely that many of them could be described in friendly terms making them appear like “normal” citizens. But rarely is it done. At best we get things like “he was a quiet man” or “he seemed like a nice guy.” But when it is a woman who helped two convicted murderers escape from prison, we are led to believe that she is Mother Teresa in disguise.