The Real Problem with the UVA Story

I frequently stay away from commenting on major news stories. There are a handful of reasons for this that range from being too lazy (or not having time) to sift through the tons of articles that have been or are being written about the story to simply feeling like everything that could be said is already being said and I have nothing new to add. But every now and again, I will comment on a particular story. The UVA “rape culture” story is about to make the leap from the former to the latter.

Why is your right to yell more important than our right to feel safe and avoid being demeaned?

The question that comprises the title of this article was posed by Rebecca Kohler in Feminism: the other F-word. It is a post in which she hails as feminist victories the fact that women are now being believed when they speak out about being victimized in a variety of ways. Her rather brief bio under the article indicates that among other things, she is a lawyer. After reading her article I can definitely state that I would NEVER EVER hire her. Not because of her political views (that wouldn’t matter if I needed a good lawyer), but because her question indicates that she has very little understanding of the law.

Random Thoughts v1.7

Wendy McElroy has written an intersting piece on the use of the word “culture” (as in rape culture) in which she ties it to political correctness and the second wave feminist declaration that “the personal is political.” As difficult as it will be for some to believe, a thought occurred to me while I read it.