Asking for It

No one asks to be sexually assaulted, raped, or sexually harassed. That’s the standard line anyways. It was repeated to me while taking my annual company-required-as-condition-of-employment training on sexual harassment. In fact, at least as far as sexual harassment is concerned, the very definition of sexual harassment precludes anyone from being harassed who wants to be harassed. A behavior can only be considered harassment if that behavior is unwanted so anyone who asks to be harassed, cannot be harassed. In this can you can’t always get what you want because you can never get what you want, if what you want is to be harassed.


I’ve got nothing new to say: I’m just sorting through the bullshit

As part of the research for my Getting Healthy series I have read and/or watched numerous articles and/or videos in which some well-respected authors have made some rather outrageous claims. The worst offenders are ones who have written books. While I have to agree with their major thesis, sugar causes obesity, I disagree with many of their supporting arguments.


Scientific Proof Women Are Better Than Men

A predictive marketing company called Mintigo has apparently answered the question in the affirmative. But are they right or are they just blowing smoke up our collective arses? According to this infographic and this news article in the Orlando Business Journal that is exactly what Mintigo is claiming. Without reading the entire study it might be a claim that is difficult to refute. Then again it might not. The infographic itself provides plenty of reason for doubt.